Belly Dancing Jewelry For Men

The Mother’s day ring I chose was the Keepsake Personalized Endless Heart Ring. I actually made it into a family ring and put my birth stone in the center, then flanked it with my children’s stones. It was just my luck we ended up with red, white, and blue. I was able to customize it with our names and see it on the screen before ordering, which was very important to me since my children’s names are hard to spell.

Turquoise pendants can either be understated or make a big statement. Small circular or shaped stones attached to a simple chain are clean and nice looking. Large stones with intricate carvings make a much bigger and bolder statement to the world.

We have been hearing about lucky charms since time immemorial. Wind chimes, Swastik on home walls, horse shoe nailed in the entrance, talismans; lucky charms have existed across cultures.

Many people rest and relax on Saturdays; however, some have to work or attend other engagements during weekends. You might want to wear something casual with no jewelry while you are at home. This will give you a break from all the hustle and bustle. On Saturday evenings out, wear solid-colored, sophisticated outfits with beautiful sparkling jewelry to enhance it if you’re dressing for a formal occasion. Or, throw together some fun bright colors and jewelry to go along if you’re planning a fun-filled Saturday evening.

Glow in the dark Bandz are a latest design from Silly Bandz. They are elastic silicone bands that come in various shapes, sizes and colour including stars, animals, angels, stockings, etc. giving you a vast variety to choose from. You can stretch them and wear them around your wrists or ankles. They are a great source of enjoyment for kids as well as youngsters. They come in a pack of 12 and look like normal rubber bandz when worn around the wrist but return to their original fun shapes when taken off.

Most skull jewelry tends to be sterling silver with black accents. Popular choices are skull rings, dog tag pendants, necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, and cuff links. Skull necklaces look stunning on a simple silver chain or even a leather rope. As a matter of fact, a leather pendant with a silver skull accent is very unique without being over the top. Skull jewelry often has a slightly tarnished look to give it a vintage feel. Texture is also very key. Hammered jewelry with a rough texture simply adds to that vintage look.

7- Be informed-Stay up on current events, stay relevant, be flexible, keep a youthful perspective and be ready to move. God is always on the move, not in yesterday’s move, but in today’s move.

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