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Sam Angel’s nickname was earned because of the suitcase full of jewelry that he carried everywhere. He would open the suitcase wherever the hottest action in gambling happened to be. His exceptional sales abilities and personality of a winner helped him build his fortune by selling to gamblers the jewelry he had brought along. He was also known to hold parties that hosted hundreds of people.

Beaded bookmarks make for truly unique and beautiful gifts. The fact that you made it yourself makes it thoughtful and booklovers would find it really special. Top it off with a gift of a book or subscription to a magazine.

When purchasing a necklace for your child make sure that the length is appropriate. Avoid chokers or necklaces that fit too tightly to your child’s neck. It is very dangerous. To be certain that the necklace is just right for your kid, you can bring along your child the next time you shop. The same goes when buying a ring. Rings have different sizes and best to bring along your child. She can fit different kind of rings and even choose the color and style that she likes. As for bracelets, charm bracelets are very trendy to wear not just by adults but kids as well. They are available in different colors and sizes. Preferably, choose the one that is adjustable so that if your kid gains some weight the charm bracelet will not be put to waste.

After a doctor’s visit, my aunt discovered she was allergic to nickel, a tough elemental metal that is mixed with the gold, with some copper, zinc and silver for good measure, to stiffen the end product and make it easier to shape due to the increased tensile strength of the metal. This has been a common practice for centuries after it was discovered that even 85% pure gold was very soft and would wear out quickly. 24K (or Karat) gold is 100% pure, and would wear away in no time.

What inspires your art and design? People are my inspiration. Especially natural women. Most, if not all of my art pieces are of women donning an afro.

The best known Shamballa jewelry, the macrame braided bracelet, features 18-carat gold balls and precious stones. Naturally, these can prove pricey to order. Alloyed European beads, however, make an effectively attractive substitute. You can purchase these from companies that specialize in wholesale jewelry products.

When I first met Yvette Crocker, I instantly knew that she was a style Star. Yvette embodies life, music and love in her art and her jewelry. Recently I had a chance to chat with Yvette and here’s a snippet of our discussion.